To complete the deal and even things out, the Raiders and 'Hawks will exchange late-round picks. But, the key is obviously Lynch's willingness to return and overall physical health. Both appear to be fully in order.

We knew, in our hearts, Beast Mode wasn't gone forever when he walked away prior to last season. And this isn't just a feel-good story. The hometown boy may legitimately be the piece the Raiders were missing.

We're not saying the Patriots should be shaking in their boots but maybe get a smaller size.

Eddie Wilson here, I really liked what this article had to say about the situation and I really believe that Marshawn Lynch will be just what the raiders need in the backfield. The Raiders have been rebuilding for a while now and they have a great D, a great Quarterback, an awesome O-line and they have a passing game with arguably some of the best receivers in the game. 

All of this coming from a DieHard Seattle Seahawk fan. I have always been high on Marshawn Lynch and I truly believe that the Seahawks would have another Superbowl win under their belt if they just handed the ball off to Marshawn on one of their 4 downs from the one-yard line in Superbowl XLIX with nearly any time left on the clock losing 28-24 to the New England Patriots. I really wish Marshawn and the Oakland Raiders(soon to be the Las Vegas Raiders after the Marshawn Lynch era is over) the best of luck.