Monday, March 13, 2017

A little about my football history


Eddie here just thought I would write a little about myself and how I got interested in football. It started when I was very young. I use to spend a lot of time with my grandfather who was a fan of Notre Dame football. We started by betting one dollar on the game and I would always take the team that was playing against Notre Dame. This progressed into us betting a dollar on every NFL game each week. We usually ended up owning the other one a dollar or two.

As the years went on we stopped betting and I started watching the games because I liked football, not because I wanted to win money. I did get pretty good at picking the winners of the games. My fathers friend took notice and one time placed a bet on a super bowl game based on my prediction. He did win and I received a cut of the money.Again time went on watched football every Sunday with friends who also loved football and every so often with my grandfather.

When I was about 19 I met a friend who knew a bookie I started with small bets mostly parlays where you bet on two teams cause the payout was more. I progressed into betting on basket ball and baseball. When I got married at 23 I stopped betting for a while. At 24 My daughter was born.Then at 25 I began betting again. This progressed into me losing my whole pay check and having to borrow money to feed me and my family.

After many lost paychecks and many fights with my wife I came to the conclusion that I needed a way to be able to watch football (which I loved) and still get the rush of betting without losing my paychecks.That's when at about the age of 30 I found fantasy football. I spent the next couple months researching it and coming up with a list of people that would be part of a fantasy league (remember this was 1997 so it was the beginning of fantasy football). I then wrote up a playbook of rules and a complete list of every player it the NFL. I came up with a scoring scheme and rules for a live draft. I then contacted the list of friends and we all got together for a party and I taught all of them how to play fantasy football based on my rules. We completed our draft in about 4 hours. This was a head to head fantasy league so each team played against each other each week.

All this worked payed off. To this day I still play fantasy football which helps me to get the rush of betting without betting. I am now 51 years old.

Just a little more about me and my love of football. I moved to New Hampshire In 2001 when I got custody of my two children. My son was 10 years old and my daughter was 11. I didn't want my kids to get bored and get into trouble so I enrolled my son in football and my daughter in cheer-leading. Both kids excelled in there sport my son worked his way to a running back position and one time even scoring three touchdowns in one game. My daughters cheer-leading squad went to the state tournament and took 2nd place. My daughter did cheer-leading for three years before moving back to Connecticut. In my sons third year playing pop warner football I started coaching on my sons team and I coached for two years before my son started playing football in high school. He played high school football for all three years and through out all of my sons football career I never missed one of his games.

I have been a Seattle Seahawk fan since 1976 when Steve Largent and Jim Zorn Played together. I am also a collector of football cards in which I have a signed rookie card of the hall of fame inductee (first Seahawk to ever achieve that status) Steve Largent. In my collection there is thousands of cards, hundreds of rookie cards, and many signed cards.

So as you can see I am a true football fan and that's my story.

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